Screen capture of a portion of the Geoheritage Sites of Nova Scotia Map

The Geoheritage Sites of Nova Scotia Compiled b y J.H.Calder & J.C.Poole (2017) is particularly relevant to the topic of this website. View the related Geoheritage Resources page.

Crown Land Information Management Centre (Nova Scotia);
Link brings up an index sheet, select a rectangle/no and it brings up a pdf of a map.
Example Index Sheet # 41 Cumberland County includes Eatonville area, shows land grants… Numbers in circles can be used via Crown Land Record Office to more data (at cost).

To view large versions of Map 041 on the web, go to this page on our website

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Also view the interactive Geoscience Atlas

Faribault-Fletcher GSC Maps of Nova Scotia
View pages on this website about use of these maps.

Province of Nova Scotia, Cumberland County, Apple River Sheet, No 100 and 101

From MemoryNS, E. R. Fairbault geological survey maps:

E.R. Faribault (1855-1934), was a geologist with the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) from 1882 until 1932. His life’s work was the systematic geological mapping of Nova Scotia. This series forms part of the map collection and consists of maps, produced by his teamwork with Hugh Fletcher. It was the GSC’s most ambitious project to that point and continued until Faribault’s retirement in 1933. These maps are amazingly detailed and accurate considering the time at which they were created, the equipment available and the lack of subsurface information. These maps continue to stand as examples of excellence in field geology and are still referred to by modern geologists.

Use this search page to access the maps:
Enter “Faribault-Fletcher” in the search box. Select desired maps.

Nova Scotia Landscape Map Viewer
Convenient for viewing Crown lands, Protected Areas, Ecological land Classification and a lot more. This is a key tool for keeping track of forest management history, extent etc. See Codes. Some of the codes found in a Photo Interpretation Specifications.
View Help Page for the Provincial Landscape Viewer. Also ELC – Ecological Land Classification for some of the codes; another page with codes including tree species: Forest Inventory – Current Forest Data (Web Version- 2016)

Ta’n Weji-sqalia’tiek Mi’kmaw Place Names
“In 2010, Ta’n Weji-sqalia’tiek Mi’kmaw Place Names Digital Atlas and Website Project (formerly Pjila’si Mi’kma’ki: Mi’kmaw Place Names Digital Atlas and Website Project) was launched to document approximately 13,000 years of Mi’kmaw presence within Mi’kma’ki, the place of the Mi’kmaq, and to raise public awareness of this ancient history…To date, the research team has recorded approximately 1,500 place names collected through interviews with Mi’kmaw Elders and other knowledge holders…”